Commissioned entries published in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

Affirmative Action (Robert Fullinwider),
Authority (Tom Christiano),
Capability Approach (Ingrid Robeyns),
Childrens’ Rights (David Archard),
Coercion (Scott Anderson),
Conservatism (Andy Hamilton),
Constructivism in Political Philosophy (Andrew Williams),
Contemporary Approaches to the Social Contract (Fred D’Agostino and Gerald Gaus),
Contractarianism (Ann Cudd),
Contractualism (Elizabeth Ashford and Tim Mulgan),
Corruption (Seumas Miller),
Cosmopolitanism (Pauline Kleingeld and Eric Brown),
Critical Theory (James Bohman),
John Dewey’s Political Philosophy (Matthew Festenstein),
Discrimination (Andrew Altman),
Distributive Justice (Julian Lamont and Christi Favor),
Economics and Economic Justice (Marc Fleurbaey),
Egalitarianism (Richard Arneson),
Equality (Stefan Gosepath),
Equality of Opportunity (Richard Arneson),
Federalism (Andreas Follesdal),
Freerider Problem (Russell Hardin),
Group Rights (Peter Jones),
Sidney Hook (David Sidorsky),
Human Rights (James Nickel),
Immigration (Christopher Wellman),
Intergenerational Justice (Lukas Meyer),
International Justice (Michael Blake and Patrick Taylor Smith),
International Realism (Julian Korab-Karpowicz),
Liberalism (Gerald Gaus and Shane Courtland),
Libertarianism (Peter Vallentyne),
Loyalty (John Kleinig),
Marriage and Domestic Partnership (Elizabeth Brake),
Montesquieu (Hilary Bok),
Moral Status of Animals (Lori Gruen),
Nationalism (Nenad Miscevic),
Michael Oakeshott (Terry Nardin),
Original Position (Samuel Freeman),
Pacifism (Andrew Fiala),
Patriotism (Igor Primoratz),
Political Constructivism (Andrew Williams),
Political Legitimacy (Fabienne Peter),
Political Realism (Julian Korab-Karpowicz),
Pornography and Censorship (Caroline West),
Positive and Negative Liberty (Ian Carter),
Problem of Dirty Hands (Tony Coady),
Progress (Margaret Lange),
Public Justification (Fred D’Agostino),
Publicity (Axel Gosseries),
Punishment (Hugo Bedau),
John Rawls (Leif Wenar),
Redistribution (Christian Barry),
Reflective Equilibrium (Norman Daniels),
Republicanism (Frank Lovett),
Risk (Sven Ove Hansson),
Secession (Allen Buchanan),
Social Institutions (Seumas Miller),
Social Minimum (Stuart White),
Sovereignty (Dan Philpott),
Terrorism (Igor Primoratz),
Toleration (Rainer Forst),
Torture (Seumas Miller),
Transitional Justice (Nir Eisikovits),
War (Brian Orend),
World Government (Catherine Lu).

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